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August 5, 2014

We are looking at another advert from Harry Hobbs’ shop today. Most of these adverts date back to the 1950s. We wonder if this one is from the 1960s.

Advert for Pat-a-Fish crumbs from Harry Hobbs' shop on High Street, Market Lavington

Advert for Pat-a-Fish crumbs from Harry Hobbs’ shop on High Street, Market Lavington

This is an advert for breadcrumbs. Our curator says his mother would have been horrified at the idea of buying breadcrumbs. Any bits of stale bread were used for that task. In fact, our curator recalls, it was his job to break the bread up into smaller pieces and put them in a Moulinex grater. Apparently, he loved winding the handle and watching the wonderfully even breadcrumbs fall out of the bottom.

But maybe the busy working wife without a willing son might have found it quicker and easier to buy breadcrumbs – particularly when invited to by a rather sexy, lipstick wearing fish with a catchy little phrase – ‘crumbs! they’re good!’ to encourage her. And as our curator remembers, the crumbs he produced weren’t golden and golden crumbs certainly sound grand.

We feel very lucky to have these old adverts. They do bring back memories and get museum visitors talking about their own past.