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Ken Mundy’s Flag

June 12, 2012

Many years ago, when Ken Mundy was retiring from his shoe selling, making and repairing business, he gave our curator a flag. It isn’t a huge flag – about the size of an A4 sheet of paper. Ken had it to mark the Coronation of King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth. The coronation took place in 1937.

There can be little doubt that Ken (who has featured before) was one of the village characters. He might have seemed to have led a basic sort of life – rejecting what he saw as luxuries, like piped water to his house. There are many folks alive now who recall Ken making his way to Broadwell with buckets hanging from his yoke, to collect his water. This was in contrast to some pigs he kept. They were allowed the piped variety of the vital liquid.

The village lads liked Ken. He was always ready for a chat and it seems they hung on his words of wisdom. This often seems to have been the case with village cobblers – and blacksmiths as well.

But Saturday night was for dancing for Ken. He’d put on his finery and head off to Devizes where, we are told, he was a real goer at the dances. He’d return on the late bus.

But in 1937 he must have decided he needed a little something for the Coronation – his flag.

For this season, you can see the flag with the display of shoes and cobbling tools in the trades room at Market Lavington Museum.