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Family History in a short news item

March 19, 2016

We think it was once believed that names in newspapers sold copies. Certainly, back in 1964, the local paper seemed to like to get as many names in as possible. This is a sad item about the death and funeral of Elsie Cooper. But it is also a grand resource for anyone studying Cooper genealogy.

1964 news item about Elsie Cooper's death and funeral

1964 news item about Elsie Cooper’s death and funeral

The brothers and sisters are all named, albeit mostly just with an initial. Some nephews and nieces are added and even great nephews and nieces. Elsie, herself, had no direct descendants.

We have met wheelchair bound Elsie before on this blog, along with her brother Stan (click here). We have also met Lawrie (click here). Harry has featured as well (click here). Frank Cooper crops up here (click here).

It’s this news cutting that links the family together. Thanks to Tessa for sending it.

Actually it came with a photo in an envelope which said ‘Elsie Cooper’ but the photo is not Elsie.

Nellie the dog?

Nellie the dog?

We think this could be a Cooper family dog from the 1930s called Nellie!