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The guides of 1942/43

May 22, 2016

The Second World War would have had quite an impact everywhere so it is good to know that guiding went on and flourished. The local Girl Guides were based in West Lavington but young ladies from many local villages were involved.

They met together for a photo and here it is.

The Lavington Guides of 1942/43

The Lavington Guides of 1942/43


We have the names of most of the young ladies.


Apart from actually having the names it is interesting to see how fashions change in names. Back when these girls were named – around 1930, it seems that Eileen, Jean, Marion and Sheilagh were popular. They don’t appear in the top 50 for 2016. Lily, however, is currently fashionable and appears in the top ten most popular names for baby girls in the UK this year.

Lovely picture and it may bring back memories for some octogenarians today.


The Guides of 1924

March 30, 2015

Yes, there were guides in the area more than 90 years ago. In fact they were the West Lavington Guides, but we believe Market Lavington girls will be in these photos. Amongst Market Lavington girls we know had joined the |Guides by this time there were Edna Mills, Evelyn Bullock, Doris Colman, Winnie Cooper, Mary Spiers, Winifred Mundy and Winifred Kurle.

The local guides at their new hut in 1924

The local guides at their new hut in 1924

All of the girls look happy to have their own hut.

A happy bunch of Guides

A happy bunch of Guides

We cannot name people on these photos and rather hope you will be able to do so. These would all be over 100 if still alive.

The hut, by the way, was in West Lavington. These days, the guides, which reformed in 1975, meet in the Old School in Market Lavington.

A Girl Guide Badge

January 7, 2015

Betty Gye was a Girl Guide soon after World War II and was earning her badges then. We have seen one of her badges before (click here). Today we’ll look at another.

First of all, here is Betty’s hostess badge.

Girl Guide hostess badge earned in 1948

Girl Guide hostess badge earned in 1948

This was worn on the Guide uniform but a small certificate was also issued and which Betty kept.

Betty Gye was also given the certificate complete with examiner comments

Betty Gye was also given the certificate complete with examiner comments

It seems that Betty’s two examiners thought she was a good hostess on October 19th 1948.

Betty is still with us although she now lives in Devizes. Visitors to the museum this year will be able to see her lovely hand written memories of growing up in the 30s and during World War II. Betty has recently put this together and we have a copy in the museum.

Guides on parade

May 16, 2014

Today’s photo is an unashamed request for names.

It shows the local girl guides on parade. The year is 1941

Lavington Girl Guides in 1941

Lavington Girl Guides in 1941

We have no caption and no names but we are confident somebody out there can help.

If that person is you then do get in touch.

Guides at Beer

August 11, 2012

No, no! Of course the Girl Guides haven’t got into the alcoholic liquor. In 1948, members of the local guides had their annual camp at Beer in South Devon. A photographer captured a relaxed and happy moment.

Lavington Guides relax at their camp near Beer, Devon in 1948

From left to right we have Betty Gye, Georgina Gibbs, Ann Came, Stella Oram, Joy Raisey and Joy Ellis.

We know some of these girls still live in the area. Maybe one of them could tell us more about camp activities.

The Girl Guides of 1938

July 31, 2012

Today we make a rare journey into neighbouring West Lavington. Market Lavington Museum is dedicated to the parish of Market Lavington, past and present, but Market and West Lavington are very close to each other and at times, facilities have been shared. The 1st West Lavington Guides of 1938 are a case in point with 9 girls from Market Lavington and one from Easterton amongst their membership, as shown in this photo.

The 1st West Lavington Girl Guides of 1938 – a photo at Market Lavington Museum

In the back row we have (left to right):

Dot Cartwright, Pat Grant, Joyce Cooper, Margaret Palmer, Joan Hoskins, Marion Wheeler, Joan Oram, and Jean Davis.

In the middle row we have (from left to right:

Mollie Haines, Dulcie Clark, Sylvia Cooper, Maisie Chapman, Phyllis Hatswell, Jean Baker, Marjorie Hayward, Joyce Daniels and Margery Beaven.

The front row (from left to right) has:

Daphne Watkins, Betty Lee, Rita Clark, Peggy Welch (Lieutenant) Bessie Gye (Captain), Winnie Mundy (Lieutenant), Joyce Fielding, Brenda Wearr and Joan Hibberd.

In those pre TV days, scouting and guiding were important activities for youngsters – and also for their parents. If you have any memories of life in these organisations in Lavington, then do get in touch.

Six Girl Guides

February 26, 2011

The Girl Guide movement functioned for many years in Market Lavington Today we look at six girls who were members of the Guides in the 1920s.

We believe the young ladies here were born around 1910 so we estimate the year is about 1923.

Sis Market Lavington Girl Guides in the 1920s - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

Five of the six girls are named.

Reading from left to right,standing in the back row we have:-

  • Unknown
  • Edna Mills
  • Winnie Mundy

And sitting in the front row there are:-

  • May Spiers
  • Miss Bullock
  • Winnie Cooper

Here’s a close up of the unknown guide.  Can you name her?

Unknown Guide. Can you helpidentify her?

And this is Miss Bullock, who surely had a first name.

Miss Bullock-but what was her firest name?