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This might grate

January 18, 2015

Well it certainly would have done once for that was its purpose – to grate cheese and other foods.

Yes, it is a food grater.

1920s cheese grater at Market Lavington Museum

1920s cheese grater at Market Lavington Museum

We believe this grater dates from the 1920s but of course, similar products can be found and used today.

The grater is made of steel and for those who have never used one, the idea of the top holes is that you slide your piece of cheese downwards and the knife like edges at the bottom of each hole takes thin slithers off the cheese and pushes them out of the back of the grater.

The smaller holes at the bottom might be used to take off lemon peel in small pieces suitable for flavouring a cake.

Back in the 1920s, and now, 90 years on, you have to be very careful of your fingers for the device will happily grate them as well. OUCH!

This grater is on display in our kitchen room which shows off all sorts of items from country kitchens in Market Lavington and Easterton from times past.