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Water Biscuits

September 11, 2014

What do many of us like at the end of a meal? Well, for some of us a bit of cheese goes down well – with a crispy biscuit to hold it. Harry Hobbs obviously sold water biscuits in his Market Lavington High Street shop for amongst the adverts we now have there is this one.

Advert for Carr's Table Water Biscuits from Harry Hobbs's shop - about 1953

Advert for Carr’s Table Water Biscuits from Harry Hobbs’s shop – about 1953

This is for table water biscuits by Carr’s of Carlisle and it shows a variety of cheeses and a platter of water biscuits.

The slogans say, ‘The perfect biscuit with cheese’, and ‘Set the seal on a perfect meal’.

It’s a large advert and one wonders how space was found to display it in a smallish shop.

This particular ad has an actual clue as to its date.

By appointment to the late King George VI.

By appointment to the late King George VI.

King George VI died in 1952 so this dates from after his death.

It’s another lovely advert to remind us of past times.

Brooke Bond Tea

July 3, 2014

Bridget Brooke, who at one time lived at what was then called The Fives Court on Parsonage Lane, was a member of the Brooke family of Brooke Bond tea. In our museum we have a couple of portraits painted by Bridget. This one is of another local resident, Percy Wilkins.


Percy Wilkins as painted by Bridget Brooke

But this blog, really, is about another advert from Harry Hobbs’ High Street shop. It is as you’ll be expecting, for Brooke Bond tea.

1956 advert for Brooke Bond Tea from Harry Hobb's shop on High Street in Market Lavington

1956 advert for Brooke Bond Tea from Harry Hobb’s shop on High Street in Market Lavington

This ad can be dated with some accuracy by our curator for the tea cards depicted are from the ‘Out into Space’ series. Rog collected this set as a lad at junior school. They were issued in 1956/58. As the ad does not refer to the PG Tips brand it probably dates from 1956. The advert has actual cards glued to the display.

The wasp wasted lady depicted appears to come from an earlier era though. Maybe this was an attempt to portray this brand of tea as time honoured and dependable.

Our advert has certainly become time honoured and dependable having been stored away for well over fifty years.



Market Lavington High Street in 1957

May 24, 2014

We have a rather good photo card today, looking roughly east, from the Market Place and along High Street in Market Lavington. The card was purchased on 5th August 1957 so may have been taken in an earlier year.

Market Lavington High Street in about 1957

Market Lavington High Street in about 1957

On the right hand side we see The Green Dragon. Back then, of course, it had the porch which went right across the pavement – and very splendid it looked. We also note the enamelled Wadworth sign for Northgate Beer. We also see a sign up for the Hotel car park. What we don’t see, in this shot from 57 years ago are cars, apart from one parked up away in the distance.

The left hand side of the road is of interest. We could start with that school sign – the old one showing the torch of learning. We don’t think that symbol would convey any meaning to today’s youngsters.

And where was the school along there?  Probably it was in the Parish Room. We know that Mrs Elisha taught her infants in the Parish Room – there not being enough space in the main building. There was a class, too, in the old Quaker chapel further along High Street.

The first building on the left was Harry Hobbs’s shop. He has a sign out for ice cream.


Old school sign and Harry Hobbs’s shop


We can’t read what brand of ice cream it was.


The purchaser of this card recorded the date of purchase and then a whole series of dates on which he had ‘seen’ it.