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At the seaside

March 6, 2015


Seaside pictures from the past can be absolutely charming and this is certainly true of this family group taken at an unknown seaside in that summer before the war of 1914. That’s even though the photo quality isn’t the best.

Mary Ann Matthews, born 1848 in Market Lavington is on the left.

Mary Ann Matthews, born 1848 in Market Lavington is on the left.

It is to the oldest member of the group that we look for our Market Lavington connection. She is Mary Ann Matthews (née Merritt) and she was born in Market Lavington in 1848. Her husband was James Matthews and he came from the building opposite the Co-op in Market Lavington which was for many years an ironmongers or hardware shop. But James moved away to Windsor where we believe he was a part of the Royal household but a member of the Metropolitan Police Force. James’s parents are buried in Market Lavington churchyard. Their graves are easily recognised because they have iron head ‘stones’.

But back to Mary Ann. We are a little uncertain about her origins. On the 1851 census she was living with a grandmother on Church Street in Market Lavington. Grandmother is described as a pauper. In 1861 Mary Ann was a servant, aged 12 in Sussex.  She married James Matthews in 1876. Amongst their children was Hilda who is the younger lady in the photo. The two children are hers.

In 1911 James and Mary Ann were living with Hilda and her family in Kent so perhaps the photo is at a Kent resort.


Guides at Beer

August 11, 2012

No, no! Of course the Girl Guides haven’t got into the alcoholic liquor. In 1948, members of the local guides had their annual camp at Beer in South Devon. A photographer captured a relaxed and happy moment.

Lavington Guides relax at their camp near Beer, Devon in 1948

From left to right we have Betty Gye, Georgina Gibbs, Ann Came, Stella Oram, Joy Raisey and Joy Ellis.

We know some of these girls still live in the area. Maybe one of them could tell us more about camp activities.