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An undated school photo.

August 22, 2016

We are fairly sure this is the 1960s but we have very limited information on this Market Lavington School photo.

An infant class at Market Lavington School with Mrs Elisha in charge

An infant class at Market Lavington School with Mrs Elisha in charge

Mrs Elisha is at the back – right end. She retired in 1968.

The only captions with the photo say ‘Front row, 3rd from left – Withers’ Also ‘4th from left S Ayliffe’.

The venue is definitely outside Market Lavington School.

Once again we hope our readers can tell us more.


An infant class

April 6, 2016

Here we have another photo with no information except that the original was a Kodachrome slide. It’s a school photo with a class of infants.

An infant class in Market Lavington

An infant class in Market Lavington

There’s no doubt about the teacher. This is Mrs Elisha – a Market Lavington lady for all her life and a teacher for more years than anyone could really imagine. In the early days she was Miss Potter and then for more than 40 years she taught as Mrs Elisha.

Mrs Elisha retired in 1968 at the age of 65 and we wonder if this was her final class. If so Mrs Elisha could easily have taught the grandparents of some of these children.

We know this venerable and remarkable lady continued to do some supply teaching, possibly until she was almost 80.

What we don’t have are names of children – but they will be recognised. Do let us know who they are.

It looks as though poor Mrs Elisha had been pushed out to a mobile classroom. Someone will tell us where that was sited.

Like many a school photo, this one is utterly charming.