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Lord Warrington relaxes

November 3, 2014

Lord Warrington of Clyffe (previously Sir Thomas Rolls Warrington, a High Court Judge) took his retirement at his Market Lavington home of Clyffe Hall. He was a man of sharp intellect but as he aged his body began to let him down and in this recently given photo we see the noble Lord resting in a wheel chair.

Lord Warrington of Clyffe relaxes at Clyffe Hall

Lord Warrington of Clyffe relaxes at Clyffe Hall

He’s sitting surrounded with the paraphernalia of afternoon tea. No doubt the dog hopes to share in this. He seems to have selected a shady spot on the lower lawn. Clyffe Hall itself seems to be bathed in sunshine. We guess this was in the 1930s. Thomas, Lord Warrington died in 1937 aged around 86.

A noticeable fact in the photo is that Thomas’s raised leg has a built up shoe. Was this an old age feature or had he always had legs of slightly different length?

We’d like to thank Ian in Australia for sending us these photos.



A High Court Judge and bottles of lager

August 14, 2012

Thomas Rolls Warrington was a high court judge. In the early years of the twentieth century, he made Clyffe Hall, in Market Lavington, his country seat. This was probably around 1904, when he was first appointed a judge.

We know he was at Clyffe Hall in 1907 because he sent a complaining letter to his wine and drinks merchant.

Letter from Thomas Rolls Warrington of Clyffe Hall, Market Lavington about bottles of lager

Clyffe Hall, Market Lavington, Wilts.

7th October 1907

Dear Sirs
You appear to have sent ½ pint bottles of lager this time. If so, please take them away and send pint bottles in their place.
Yours truly
Rolls Warrington

Letters like this must have terrified business folk. It is cleverly worded to suggest that Warrington is not 100% certain of his facts, but the intended message, that the suppliers of lager have been blithering idiots, is totally clear.

In 1926, when Thomas Rolls Warrington retired from his work as a judge, he was elevated to the peerage, becoming Lord Warrington of Clyffe.