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Lord and Lady Warrington at home

July 8, 2015

We have met Lord Warrington, earlier Sir Thomas Rolls Warrington before on this blog. Today we feature a photo which includes the noble Lord and also his wife and it is her we’ll concentrate on this time.

Lord and Lady Warrington with friends at Clyffe Hall, Market Lavington

Lord and Lady Warrington with friends at Clyffe Hall, Market Lavington

Lord Warrington is in the wheel chair and we assume it is his wife holding his hand. We only have this caption.


Lady Warrington was considerably younger than her husband. She was born in 1864 whilst he was born in 1851. Her maiden name had been Emma Maude Sturges and she was the daughter of a barrister.

She was remembered, none too favourably, recently when we recorded an oral history with Bill, aged 100 and the son of the head gardener at the Warrington’s home in the 1920s. Bill felt the lord was a friendly and approachable person but that Lady Warrington was just a bit stand offish. One story Bill remembered concerned the gift, to the staff, one Christmas of petticoats and then holding a parade of the staff and making them show under garments to ensure they were wearing her gift.

In the photo she looks perfectly OK and doesn’t display any sign of being something of a tyrant. We have very little knowledge about Lady Warrington and it would be grand if anybody who could remember her could tell us more.

By the way, we have no idea who other people in the photo are. They could be Emma’s parents for they’d have been not that much older than Lord Warrington.

Interesting that the two women appear to be in uniform clothing. Their apparel looks remarkably similar.

Lord Warrington died in 1937 and is buried in Market Lavington church yard. His lady joined him in 1948 although her address at the time was given as Pangbourne.