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Lavington Boys’ Club

July 13, 2015

Let’s start with the question. Can anyone out there tell me anything about Lavington Boys’ Club?

You see, this badge is another find from the old recreation ground.

Lavington Boys' Club badge found on the old Recreation Ground

Lavington Boys’ Club badge found on the old Recreation Ground


This clearly says Lavington Boys’ Club and has the initials LBC on the gold centre. We couldn’t be certain but we think the other marks in the centre are just damage.

This is a button hole badge for wearing on the lapel of a jacket.


This lapel badge was made by W O Lewis of Birmingham

We can see its fastening (presumably not quite adequate) and also that it was made by W O Lewis Badges of Birmingham. That’s a company with a long and continuing history. It was founded in 1832 and is still in operation now, more than 180 years on and still run by members of the founding family. That’s great for them but does little to help us date the badge.

Do get in touch if you can tell us anything about this club.