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Lavington School – 1973

January 11, 2015

Do you remember those whole school photographs? Ages was spent in preparation. It was essential to have everything right. Chairs were needed for some. Items to stand on were needed for others. They all had to be carefully arranged in an appropriate curve. The cameraman with his special camera set himself at the centre of the circle. When all was ready, he set his camera going and it slowly exposed a picture, starting at the left end and working round to the right.

Sometimes a wag got him (or her) self at the left hand end and as soon as the camera was going, he ran round the back. with speed and luck he was able to beat the camera to the right hand end and got himself on the photo twice.

At Lavington they made this unlikely to happen by having boys on the left and girls on the right, and then stationing a large member of staff at the right end.

The pictures, when produced, were about a metre long and not that tall – not at all the right shape for a blog. We have divided the May 1973 picture into 6 parts with plenty of overlap below.

We do hope that experts – the youngsters of 1973 – will get in touch and tell us more about who was who – particularly the people from Market Lavington and Easterton.

These were the days when Mr Greening was head and Mr Jordan was head of science. We can name more people of course but let’s see the photos.

image002 image004 image006 image008 image010 image012

There we have it so now it really is over to you.

West from the church in 1972

May 13, 2014

This is a very unassuming image yet it was taken with foresight or maybe foreknowledge of the future. It is a view from the churchyard in Market Lavington, looking in a westerly direction and taken in 1972.


Wast from Market Lavington Church in 1972


In the immediate foreground we have the fence, hedge and gateway between the churchyard and Grove Farm.

This fence, hedge and opening now link church and green

This fence, hedge and opening now link church and green

This is still recognisably the same as now although the rather tumbledown kissing gate has gone. The area just outside that gate is now the Community Green.

In the fields we can see what must have once been a building on Grove Farm.


A former Grove Farm building


Goal posts on the football field

Goal posts on the football field

Beyond that there is a football field – all these areas are now the Grove Farm housing estate.

Further away we return to the older areas – Park Road. When built that had the rather prosaic name of Estate Road.


Beyond Park Road we can see Lavington School, little more than ten years old when the photo was taken and without many of its present day buildings.

Much has changed in the past forty or so years.


Youth Challenge – 1993

April 1, 2014

Twenty or so years ago it used to be possible to get plenty of young people to take part in village events for fun. Of course, they hoped to do well in sporting endeavours, but they could enjoy doing their best, knowing there could only be one winner.

A Youth Challenge was organised as a part of the village festival. It took place on 19th September of that year and allowed youngsters to select from a big range of activities. One, which surely proved popular, was to attempt to take a large agricultural quad around an obstacle course and it is that one we see in operation.

Quad bike youth challenge at Market Lavington in 1993

Quad bike youth challenge at Market Lavington in 1993

The location is obvious for local folk. That’s Lavington School with the cycle shed behind the quad. School tradition, everywhere, is that youngsters nip behind the cycle shed for a fag. At Lavington it looks as though hefty gates ruled that one out!

The chap, standing hands on hips, looks to be John Clark. He worked as an agronomist and used quads in his job, so he was probably loaning equipment and supervising this event. The young man on the quad has not been recorded but once again, we expect someone out there will recognise him.

Intense concentration required

Intense concentration required

Other events the youngsters could take part in included lacrosse, football, welly throwing, darts, an assault course and many others.

So why did it drop out of the village calendar? Sad to say one reason was health and safety. Another was that it needed huge adult presence and it was hard to get volunteers. I think the youngsters enjoyed the challenge and were always willing to have a go.

But then the rise and rise of electronic gismos did take youngsters and older potential helpers away from more active participation.

At least we have a lot of lovely memories of these events at Market Lavington Museum.