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Recent wildlife sightings

October 15, 2013

We haven’t featured our wildlife book for some time so here are a couple of recent photos we have received. They all help to build a picture of 21st century wildlife in our parish.

We’ll start with a long tailed tit. These delightful little birds are now flitting about sometimes in single species groups but at other times in mixed groups with their cousins the blue tits and great tits. This photo, which wouldn’t win any prizes at Lavington Show, was taken up on the sands.

A long tailed tit in market Lavington

A long tailed tit in Market Lavington

Next we have a vole, also spotted up on the sands.


A vole but is it a bank or a field vole?

A vole but is it a bank or a field vole?

We are not sure if this is a bank vole or a field vole. Maybe a reader can help us on that.

Do, please, offer us any wildlife photos you may have – just as long as they were taken in Market Lavington or Easterton. We are not only after mammals and birds we would like a record of all sorts of animal and plants as well.