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A Reflection on Embrocation

April 16, 2013

Embrocation! For many it conjures up images of cartoonist Giles’s Grandma and of real elderly people suffering the aches and pains of worn joints. In times past there was no quick fix replacement part surgery and all sorts of hoped for remedies were tried to relieve pain and aid mobility. At Market Lavington Museum we have a mirror which advertises Elliman’s Embrocation – for aches and pains.

Mirror advertising Elliman's Embrocation. 100 years ago it was hung at Spring Villa in market Lavington.

Mirror advertising Elliman’s Embrocation. 100 years ago it was hung at Spring Villa in Market Lavington.

The image shows that this mirror which dates from 1910 is still highly reflective. The reflection can be seen behind the advert.

Elliman’s Embrocation was made from about 1850. It was sold in two forms, Universal was for human use and Royal was for animals. In fact the two products were identical, being made from eggs, turpentine and vinegar.

A product with the same name can still be purchased and still using the same ‘active’ ingredients.

This mirror used to hang outside the closet at Spring Villa in Market Lavington in the 1910s and 20s.