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Memorabilia from Ken Mundy’s shop

November 10, 2015

Whenever our curator gives a talk to a group, particularly within Market Lavington, he always likes to include a photo of Ken Mundy. Ken was a village character – the local cobbler and shoe shop keeper with all sorts of claims to ‘fame’. Amongst these were his refusal to have mains water laid on which meant that well into living memory he could be seen walking down to Broadwell and collecting two buckets full of water which he carried home using his yoke.

Older lads used to congregate at Ken’s of an evening. No doubt he gave them the benefit of his wisdom.

Ken remained a bachelor boy and so had nobody to pass his things on to. Some, by various routes, have found their way to our museum in Market Lavington. Amongst them is this little advert board.

Sign from Ken Mundy's shoe shop on High Street, market Lavington

Sign from Ken Mundy’s shoe shop on High Street, Market Lavington

This is just a cardboard item and has a good clear message about the work of the cobbler. If you are baffled because this is described as a St Crispin’s Slogan then you may not be aware that the saints Crispin and Crispinian are the patron saints of cobblers and other leather workers. These two, who may have been twins, were martyred for their faith in 285 or 286 AD. They had worked as shoe makers although the truth is that there are very varied versions of their life so most of it is just speculation.

We have seen this sign before on this blog but it seemed like time to remind our readers of Ken Mundy. We’d love to hear any memories you might have of Ken.

Ken Mundy’s Shop

September 22, 2014
Ken Mundy's shoe shop in about 1977

Ken Mundy’s shoe shop in about 1977

This isn’t the best photo you ever saw, but sometimes, we feel, a poor photo has a story to tell and is worth sharing. That’s so with this one.

The rather drab looking shop was Ken Mundy’s shoe shop and this picture dates from around 1977. But let’s just look at the left and remind ourselves that the ED visible was at the end of Lloyds Bank Limited – a reminder that not only did we have a shoe shop in Market Lavington, we had banks as well.

Let’s start at the bottom of Ken’s shop with the enamel advert for Craven A. Craven A was a tobacco product and we think it must have been on the shop in much earlier times. Ken never sold tobacco products. That particular enamel sign was quite common and carried the tag line (or should that be tag lie?) ‘will not affect your throat’.

Above that is the shop window. Ken sold shoes but he also soled shoes. Yes, he did shoe repairs. He even made shoes. Ted Maslen told us his wedding shoes were made by Ken. The window was a bit of a jumble, but the shop inside was absolute chaos. Ken was never very tidy or orderly and it was not unknown for people to arrive to collect a pair of shoes after some repairs and Ken could only find one. If you came back a couple of days later, he’d find the other as well. Nothing was ever permanently lost.

New shoes could be a problem as well. They could have been in the shop for a long time with one in the window and another in a shoe box. The one that had been in the light may well have faded and could be significantly different in colour from its partner.

But despite these little quirks, Ken was liked by villagers, and the young lads often gathered at his shop to learn something of his wit and wisdom.

We have a moderate amount of Mundy memorabilia in the museum and it really does remind us of a past time.

But one more thing on that photo. There’s clearly a noticeboard next to the shop window. We can’t remember what it was for, but it could be a proper bus timetable – so much better than the scrappy information you get these days, which tells you almost nothing. But there was a time when many shops had an information board for one organisation or another.

So, some good memories from that rather poor photo.