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A party at Paxtons

October 8, 2015

Paxtons is an interesting Edwardian built house on the edge of the former jam factory site. It was built in the earliest years of the twentieth century so perhaps this photo show a celebratory get together soon after it was completed.

An Edwardian party at Paxtons in Easterton

An Edwardian party at Paxtons in Easterton

We see a party of smartly clad ladies and gentlemen sitting around a table just outside the house.

Close up on the people

Close up on the people

There appears to be a table laden with goodies. The ladies – we have not identified them – are nearly all wearing large hats. For men the straw boater seems to be required head covering. Those large hats and boaters are very much of the Edwardian era so we certainly date the photo to those early 20th century years.

It looks as though a maid is standing by, ready to jump to it as and when needed – a part of the scene but apart from the grander ladies and gents.

For the record, the occupants of Paxtons at the time of the 1911 census were Eleanor Tindall a 65 year old spinster born in London who was living on her own means and her 18 year old general servant Helen Maria Alexander who had been born in Market Lavington. Helen (sometimes Ellen) was the daughter of Richard, landlord at the Kings Arms

A Christmas Party

December 14, 2013

Does Christmas seem a long time ahead? In Market Lavington we are definitely catching the festive spirit now. December has been, for a long time the month for Christmas events and parties so let’s take a look at a Christmas party from the past.

A Market Lavington Christmas party for older folk - back in 1961

A Market Lavington Christmas party for older folk – back in 1961

This party took place in the school room (now the Old School) back in December of 1961, a frightening 52 years ago. It looks to feature older residents of the time with younger people, no doubt, doing the waiting and serving.

There are two church ministers present. One is Reverend Daunford Davies of the Church of England whilst a second is Reverend Crewe who was the Congregational minister from 1960 to 62. Both have their wives with them. Miss Duncan, the previous Congregational minister is amongst the guest.

Other guests include Mrs Hawes, sisters Nellie and Millie Hiscock, Mrs G Cooper and Mrs Annie Baker.

Amongst the helpers we have Susan Shepherd and Liz Bury.

There are still lovely Christmas events in the village. A couple of days ago we had a wonderful Christmas Concert, led by the Lavington Community Choir and the Lavington Community Band, with charming help from primary school children, this time from the West Lavington  (DAPS) school. The Community Hall was packed out for a mixed programme of music which included community carols and secular songs too. It was a great occasion, really appreciated by the audience.

The Museum Party

June 26, 2013

Yesterday Market Lavington Museum held its annual invitation party. Apart from being a fund raiser, this is a chance for us to say thank you to all our friends and active supporters.

This year the weather was always fine. We had no prevarication about whether we’d be in or out. Our party was what it always should be – a courtyard party, just outside the door of the museum.


The bar is organised at the Market Lavington Museum party

A bar is organised.  Our guests will enjoy a tipple or a longer, cool drink.


Tables of home produced nibbles are brought in by volunteers

The nibbles – more like a feast – are made by our marvellous stewards.


Early arrivals in the courtyard

Peter, our chairman, greets early arrivals. That’s Tom on the left and Pat and Eric on the right.


Market Lavington Museum courtyard party – 25th June 2013

The courtyard gets crowded. There are too many people to mention here, but socialising and happy chatter was the order of the evening.

Chairman Peter gave a short speech – a vote of thanks to all and a mention of some of the new artefacts in the museum. Curator, Rog, spoke briefly about next year being the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War 1 and some plans for that year.

It was one of those events, like the recent concert by choir and band, which make you feel proud to be a part of the community.

A Royal Event in 1981

January 20, 2012

This year, Market Lavington Museum is celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a look back at past royal occasions.

Those of us over about 36 will remember the euphoria which surrounded the marriage of Charles, Prince of Wales and heir to the throne and Diana Spencer, his young and pretty bride.  ‘The Fairytale Romance’ was a common phrase at the time and a royal wedding certainly lifted the spirits of a country beset with problems. We had country-wide riots, hunger strikers in prison in Northern Ireland and world leaders being shot at, to give a few examples. A royal wedding was just what was needed to give us all a feel-good factor.

In Market Lavington, we had street parties and today we feature the party at Northbrook.

Children at the Northbrook, Market Lavington, street party for the marriage of Charles and Diana in 1981

Here we see, from left to right, Mel Sadd and Belinda Matthews as the happy couple. Further down the table there’s Lee Clarke, Adrian Matthews, Kerry Sadd and Si Frost. They are tucking into a good spread of party fare. As we can see, it was very much a fancy dress party – and that wasn’t confined just to the youngsters.

Adults at the 1981 Northbrook, Market Lavington street party

Here we can see adults and a couple of babies as the evening part of the party fun began.. By now, the fancy dress was largely discarded.

Happy days – and happy memories for some folks.

Sadly, of course, the fairy tale marriage came to an end.  That’s different from the Northbrook couples. Their marriages seem to last well.