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Henry Cannings – once more

July 10, 2014

We have met Henry before. He was a plumber starting off being trained by his father back in the mid nineteenth century. He was also called Henry and after Henry (the second) married he had a son called Henry – it all gets a tad confusing.

Henry lived virtually all his life living on High Street in Market Lavington. Born in 1940, he died in 1904.

Now to be strictly honest we can’t be sure if the item we show today – a small trade plate – belonged to Henry the elder or the middle one. We do think it is 19th century.

H Cannings, plumber - a trade plate

H Cannings, plumber – a trade plate

This little plate – is about the size of a current business card. It is made of brass. It is clearly labelled




The odd thing is that this plate was found in a garden in West Lavington.  We do not know what its actual function was, but presumably Henry carried it with him when out on jobs.


Nellie and Milly Hiscock

June 25, 2010

George Hiscock was a plumber who lived on Church Street in Market Lavington. His wife, Emily, was, like George, born and raised in Market Lavington. Emily had been a Miss Potter from across the road.

They married in 1875 and amongst their children were daughters Eleanora (Nellie) and Amelia (Milly) who were born in 1883 and 1884.

One happy (we hope) family lived on Church Street in 1891. Granny Potter may have been with the family although her abode is listed as separate.

In 1901 Nellie was a servant working in Weston in Somerset. Milly was with her Granny Potter on Church Street in Market Lavington. Emily, their mother was a boarder on High Street in Market Lavington. We haven’t located George at all.

Our photo shows Nellie and Milly at the door of their Church Street house in about 1905. The House, Platencia, still has the same decorative plasterwork.

Milly and Nellie Hiscock outside their home, Platencia in Market Lavington

Milly and Nellie Hiscock in about 1905 – from a photo at Market Lavington Museum

George and Emily were together on Church Street in 1911. Nellie was in Bath. Amelia was elsewhere on Church Street – still with her Granny Potter who was now 91.

We have lost touch with both Nellie and Milly from then on. Can you help us to trace them and any descendants they may have?

Henry Albert Cannings of Market Lavington

April 9, 2010

One of the odd items we have in Market Lavington Museum is this lavatory chain with a handle badged by H. A. Cannings, Market Lavington. The writing is a bit worn so it looks as though this chain has been pulled quite often since it was made in the second half of the nineteenth century.

H A Cannings lavatory chain in Market Lavington Museum

Henry Cannings was born around 1840 in Market Lavington to Henry and Eliza. Father Henry, born in Devizes was a plumber in quite a big way for in 1851 he employed 4 men and 2 apprentices. He also occupied 23 acres of land and employed a labourer. Mother, Eliza, had been born in Wales. Our Henry was one of seven children in the family in 1851. They lived on the High Street.

By 1861 our Henry Albert was a plumber so we guess he worked for his father. Three more young Cannings had been added to the family.

By 1871 Henry was married to Eliza and a third generation Henry had been born. Our Henry was a master plumber employing two men and living on High Street in Market Lavington.

In 1881 Henry employed 6 hands in the plumbing business. At the time of the census three adult stepsons were with the Cannings. They had the surname Ellis.

The business continued but by 1901 Henry was a widower – still on High Street in Market Lavington.

When Henry died, in 1904, it was in the Havant district of Hampshire.