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The Pondmaker’s sign

March 5, 2015

This would be a fine sign to actually own. We don’t. We just have a photograph of this simply fantastic item which probably no longer exists.

Pond maker's sign from Broadwell House, Market Lavington

Pond maker’s sign from Broadwell House, Market Lavington

It would once have adorned the front of Broadwell House on White Street where the Smith family had their residence.

The sign quite clearly tells us what the Smiths did. They dug ponds and wells.

C. J. Smith was Charles, born in Market Lavington in the 1850s. We have met him before on this blog. Click here. He was rarely at home for the ten yearly census. The family business was well known throughout the south of England so pondmakers were often away working.

It is good to record that a descendant of Charles is a regular reader and commenter/information provider on this blog.

These days we all (or nearly all) have piped mains water so the days of the pondmaker are pretty well over. The Smith family had a goodly 150 years in the trade – and a highly skilled one it was too.