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The Top ten of 2006

September 5, 2015

We refer here to the top ten point scorers in the 2006 Lavington Produce Show. These days the show is combined with the Gardening Club show but these points only concern the open competition. Anyone can enter in a number of categories which are:


Points get awarded by expert judges. For most classes a first place gets 3 points, a second place gets two points and third place gets one. All points are added to arrive at an overall winner who is awarded the chairman’s cup for the year. Individual sections get their own trophies, donated by village stalwarts.

Today it will be the 2015 show, which means 10 shows ago it was 2006. Let’s see who were in the top ten that year.

Name Grand Total
Rupert Wade 51
Sue Frost 39
Emma Martin 16
Steve Beckett 15
Brian Martin 12
Jackie Clark 12
Harry Greening 11
Rog Frost 11
Robert Clark 10
Catherine Kyte 9

Rupert is a regular winner – he has so many skills in various areas. Harry Greening was alive and exhibiting then. Sadly he is no longer with us. Two of those entrants were fairly young at the time.

Score sheets are kept and eventually get stored in the museum. This allows us to remember those past names.

The Market Lavington Produce Show in 1993

November 20, 2013


Lavington Produce shows continue quite happily in the 21st century. Entries may go up and down, depending on the vagaries of the growing season, but each year the show looks good.

Except, that is, in one department. We no longer have a children’s’ section. Entries had dwindled to just about nil.

But twenty years ago it was very different as these pictures show.

Gardens on a plate by Lavington children in 1993

Gardens on a plate by Lavington children in 1993


Here we have gardens on a plate and there was a real jostle for space with four different age ranges.

The same was true of the decorated wooden spoons.


Decorated wooden spoons at the same 1993 Lavington show

There are some really cute entries there.

Has anyone any suggestions as to how youngsters could be encouraged back – or perhaps how parents could encourage youngsters to get involved? Or is this an event which only appeals to an older age range?

It would be good to get some of that sparkle back – as shown by these entries from twenty years ago,

Harry Greening

July 9, 2011

Yesterday, we looked at a letter regarding the retirement of Mrs Elisha from her teaching post at Market Lavington School. Today we are looking at an invitation to attend the retirement party of Harry Greening.

Harry was the founder head of the secondary school in Market Lavington (but serving a wider community).

Card inviting Tom and Peggy Gye to an evening to mark Mr Greening's retirement from Lavington School

It will seem amazing to many locals that it was as long as thirty years ago that Harry retired. He remained active in village affairs – notably gardening and the annual produce shows of which he was a very successful stalwart. Sadly, Harry died on Christmas Day in 2010. He was 89.

Harry was born and raised in South Wales. He was active in World War II, serving in the navy and commanding a landing craft, ferrying troops ashore at the D-Day landings.

When demobbed, he took a teacher training course. He obtained employment at Broade Chalke, near Salisbury where he was also responsible for founding the cricket club.

In 1962 he came to Lavington School. Amongst the features he created was the very successful school farm. He also organised a very successful link between his Lavington state comprehensive school and the nearby independent Dauntsey’s School. Under this agreement, the two schools shared some teachers and facilities and those students who gained sufficiently good grades at age 16 could get a county paid place at Dauntsey’s for their 6th form.

It is, perhaps, sad to report that initiatives from elsewhere have ended both of these initiatives.

Towards the end of his life Harry’s eyesight failed but he still got to the village produce shows and his onions were always brilliant!

Harry displays onions at a Market Lavington produce show