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Museum food

September 3, 2016

A couple of days ago we mentioned our forthcoming Museum Miscellany which takes place on October 8th at 7.30pm in the Market Lavington Community Hall.

One of the features of this event is museum food and during the past year we have been able to copy the pages of Bessie Francis’s recipe book. Much of the book is hand written but here we show one pasted in from an unknown source. We can’t guarantee that this delicacy will be made for the Miscellany but it gives an idea of the sort of item we’ll have there for you to sample.

Bessie Francis's recipe for barley flake biscuits

Bessie Francis’s recipe for barley flake biscuits

All our food is made and provided by volunteers. These sound pretty good although we are not sure that Banner’s still exists in the barley flake business.

See you on the 8th October!

A Bessie Francis recipe

May 25, 2016

Bessie was a lifelong Market Lavington resident. She was born a Gye but later married butcher, Peter Francis who gave up the butchery trade to become the local professional photographer – with Bessie as his very able helper. For many years they lived above the Church Street shop.

A copy of her handwritten recipes has recently come to us at the museum and we pick on one of her recipes here.


Bessie Francis’s recipe for ginger snaps

This is a recipe for ginger snaps. Let’s hope it isn’t teeth that they snap! Judging from this book Bessie was very keen on sweet items. There are several different fudge recipes, more than one crème de menthe recipe and lots of other sweet items, mixed in with some savoury items, a couple of knitting patterns and even a recipe for curing skins.

At our Museum Miscellany this year – October 8th at 7.30 in the Community Hall – we will have a range of ‘Museum’ food. This recipe of Bessie’s could be amongst the delicacies on offer – along with old favourites such as Grandma Doubleday’s potted meat and green pea sandwiches.

Vegetarian Plum Pudding

December 1, 2011

Christmas is coming. Maybe now is the time to be making your Christmas Puddings and here is a recipe to suit all vegetarians (but not vegans). This is a recipe we have at Market Lavington Museum and it is in the hand of Samuel Saunders. Samuel was one of the sons of Amram who we have met on these pages on a number of occasions.

Many of Amram’s children flew the nest completely, making their mark in places such as Hull or even New Zealand. Samuel remained a local, Lavington Man, building a house on Kings Road (as we now call it) where he lived a simple life growing and preserving fruit.

He was reckoned to be one of the earliest people to totally abstain from alcohol and he was a vegetarian for most of his long life. In 1907 the Vegetarian Society celebrated its 60th anniversary and a report says:

Telegrams of good wishes were sent during the Conference to octogenarian members of the Society, to Mr. Samuel Saunders, Market Lavington, 94 ; Mr. John Albright, Lancaster, 92 ; and to Mr. Thomas Wyles, Buxton, 90.

It seems that the alcohol abstinence and the vegetarianism did Sam well.

Here is Sam’s recipe for Plum Pudding or Christmas Pudding as we might call it.

Samuel Saunders vegetarian plum pie recipe, from the 19th century can be found at Market Lavington Museum

Does anyone out there fancy making this – boiling or steaming it for eight hours?

Lard Cakes

August 11, 2011

Yesterday we looked at one of Lucretia Gye’s hand written recipes. Today we look at another recipe which you might be able to try at our Museum Miscellany which takes place in the Community Hall in Market Lavington at 7.30pm on 17th September. Today’s recipe comes from a published book called ‘Modern Practical Cookery’ – a book which was owned by Flo Burbidge.

Flo was born in our museum building in 1908 so it is wholly appropriate that her book has come home and can be seen at the museum. Flo lived at the museum building until she married in 1940, becoming Mrs Albert Shore. The couple continued to live in the village after their marriage and Flo was at the official opening of the museum in 1985.

But back to the chosen recipe for something that sounds like a Wiltshire speciality – lard cakes.

Recipe for lard cakes from Flo Burbidge's copy of Modern Practical Cookery. The book is at Market Lavington Museum

The instruction which might baffle many a cook is the one about washing the raisins and removing the stones from them. These days we are all fully used to ready prepared dried fruit coming in neat plastic bags from the supermarket. How different it must have been then, with a long and fiddly job preparing each raisin.

We are sure our lard cakes at the ‘Miscellany’ will be fully stone free. Why not come and enjoy the talk and slides – all different from last year – and enjoy village food at its best in the interval.

A Recipe Book

November 7, 2010

Market lavington Museum is pleased to have a number of recipe books. Some are hand written whilst others are commercial books which have belonged to village people. Yhey can be found, appropriately enough, on the bookshelf in the kitchen at the museum.

 Here we have the Success Publishing Company’s 700 Cookery and Household Recipes. It cost just threepence  in old money so no wonder some 800 000 had sold.

One of many cookery and recipe books at Market Lavington Museum

As can be seen, the book has been very well used.

An advert in this cookery book fixes the year of publication at 1926

This delightful advert appears to show a young mum, who looks like a 1920s flapper girl, gaining leisure time because she has a Valor Perfection cooking stove. And no doubt it was much easier to manage than a solid fuel range.

The closed season at the museum is a good time to receive new items. If you have something to offer – remember it must have a real link with the parishes of Market Lavington or Easterton, then do contact the curator.