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Lavington School – 1973

January 11, 2015

Do you remember those whole school photographs? Ages was spent in preparation. It was essential to have everything right. Chairs were needed for some. Items to stand on were needed for others. They all had to be carefully arranged in an appropriate curve. The cameraman with his special camera set himself at the centre of the circle. When all was ready, he set his camera going and it slowly exposed a picture, starting at the left end and working round to the right.

Sometimes a wag got him (or her) self at the left hand end and as soon as the camera was going, he ran round the back. with speed and luck he was able to beat the camera to the right hand end and got himself on the photo twice.

At Lavington they made this unlikely to happen by having boys on the left and girls on the right, and then stationing a large member of staff at the right end.

The pictures, when produced, were about a metre long and not that tall – not at all the right shape for a blog. We have divided the May 1973 picture into 6 parts with plenty of overlap below.

We do hope that experts – the youngsters of 1973 – will get in touch and tell us more about who was who – particularly the people from Market Lavington and Easterton.

These were the days when Mr Greening was head and Mr Jordan was head of science. We can name more people of course but let’s see the photos.

image002 image004 image006 image008 image010 image012

There we have it so now it really is over to you.

An old school photo

November 26, 2014

We don’t know much about this photo.

A school photo which includes Rose Polden. But which school is it?

A school photo which includes Rose Polden. But which school is it?

What we do know is that the girl, third person from the left in the back row is Rose Polden. Rose was born in 1892 in Chitterne but seems to have been raised by her aunt and uncle in Market Lavington. But the first documentary evidence we have of that was in 1901. This photo might date from about 1901.

Can you help us? We don’t recognise the location or any of the other people. Could this, in fact, be Chitterne?

Rose Polden is marked with a rather fancy cross.

Rose Polden is marked with a rather fancy cross.

It is, though, a lovely picture of Rose who set up her dressmaking business in Parsonage Lane whilst still a teenager. Later she married Andrew Poolman and the couple had two Market Lavington born children before moving to the Warminster area.

We feel the photo is worthy of a place in our museum – but it may be of interest elsewhere as well.