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Memorabilia from Ken Mundy’s shop

November 10, 2015

Whenever our curator gives a talk to a group, particularly within Market Lavington, he always likes to include a photo of Ken Mundy. Ken was a village character – the local cobbler and shoe shop keeper with all sorts of claims to ‘fame’. Amongst these were his refusal to have mains water laid on which meant that well into living memory he could be seen walking down to Broadwell and collecting two buckets full of water which he carried home using his yoke.

Older lads used to congregate at Ken’s of an evening. No doubt he gave them the benefit of his wisdom.

Ken remained a bachelor boy and so had nobody to pass his things on to. Some, by various routes, have found their way to our museum in Market Lavington. Amongst them is this little advert board.

Sign from Ken Mundy's shoe shop on High Street, market Lavington

Sign from Ken Mundy’s shoe shop on High Street, Market Lavington

This is just a cardboard item and has a good clear message about the work of the cobbler. If you are baffled because this is described as a St Crispin’s Slogan then you may not be aware that the saints Crispin and Crispinian are the patron saints of cobblers and other leather workers. These two, who may have been twins, were martyred for their faith in 285 or 286 AD. They had worked as shoe makers although the truth is that there are very varied versions of their life so most of it is just speculation.

We have seen this sign before on this blog but it seemed like time to remind our readers of Ken Mundy. We’d love to hear any memories you might have of Ken.