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A Skiving Machine

January 31, 2011

Surely people don’t need a machine to help with skiving? Well, actually, cobblers do. Skiving machines allow strips of leather to be cut to a specific shape. The shape obtained can be varied by changing settings on the machine.

A cobbler's skiving machine at Market Lavington Museum

Our machine is a hand operated example but for mass production powered examples were and still are available. In fact skiving machines are also available for metal shaping, as well as leather.

This skiving machine was used by village shoemaker and cobbler, Ken Mundy in his High Street premises. Usually, a skiving machine was used to put a shamfer on leather so that two pieces of the material could be joined smoothly.  It’s a very technical process and if you’d like to know more then click here to discover all of the secrets of skiving. And click here to look at a previous blog entry about the life of Ken Mundy