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A Merritt float

August 26, 2016

Here we have another new image given to the museum this month and this is one we particularly like. It shows a carnival float, no doubt in a trade class, entered by Merritt Brothers. We don’t have a date but we estimate it to be the 1920s.

Merritt Brothers float at a 1920s carnival

Merritt Brothers float at a 1920s carnival

Here we see a simple and pleasing four wheeled waggon drawn by horse power. There is some decoration with branches and a goodly collection of horseshoes.

The identity of the float

The identity of the float

The Merritts were farriers and smiths as their badge says. Their premises were the former smithy at the edge of Broadwell

Let’s take a look at the people.


The man on the left is wearing a bandsman’s cap. More than one member of this family was active in the Lavington Prize Band. John Merritt was its leader for 60 or more years.


Another bandsman’s cap. The Merritts were rightly proud of the band.


Sadly we have no positive names to put to these people.

In the background there is another waggon which belonged to the Spencer family at Halstead Farm in Easterton. So we would assume the photo was taken locally but we cannot identify just where.

And help with identities would be much appreciated.


Mary Ann Edwards

October 2, 2015

This photo is believed to be very early – possibly the 1870s although this is a later copy. It shows Mary Ann Edwards.

Mary Ann Edwards - possibly from the 1870s

Mary Ann Edwards – possibly from the 1870s

We have met Mary Ann before on this blog. In 1877 she married Charles Smith of the famous pond making family.

Mary actually came, originally, from Everleigh but in 1871 she was in service at Ramsbury.

We do not know how her path crossed that of Market Lavington born Charles Smith. Possibly Mary got an in service job in the Lavington area or maybe (as was common) Charles was with a pond digging team living away from home whilst a pond was made. We can only assume that romance blossomed.

The couple married in the Pewsey registration district which included Everleigh so we suspect the marriage was there. But the Smith family home was Market Lavington and Mary came to live with her husband in this village. By 1881 they already had a couple of Market Lavington born children.

Mary and Charles had been married for 47 years when Charles died. Mary outlived him by 14 years. She died in 1938. She had lived in Market Lavington ever since 1877.

There will be few people in the village now who remember Mary for it is now close on 77 years since she died.

But she does look to be a lovely, determined lady in the very old photo.

A Clock Face

July 18, 2013

Today we look at a clock face which once kept the time in the old Baptist Chapel on Chapel Lane. As far as we know the clock works are still in situ above the counter in what is now the fish and chip shop.

This J A Smith of Devizes clock face was onced the timekeeper in Market Lavington Baptist Chapel

This J A Smith of Devizes clock face was onced the timekeeper in Market Lavington Baptist Chapel

The clock is thought to date from about 1865 and clearly carries the name of J A Smith of Devizes. It is not in good order with missing white paint and added daubs and splashes of blue.

Sadly, we know almost nothing of J A Smith. We believe he operated from Devizes Market Place.

The dial measures about 16 inches across and we believe the clock would have been of a kind known as a gallery clock.

We would, of course, love to know more for our records.