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A Tin Bath

November 15, 2012

Today we feature one of those items which will get older viewers saying, ‘I used to use one of them!’  It’s a small tin bath or, more correctly, a galvanized steel bath.

This one is small – more baby bath size and, in fact, the family who used it soon found it too small for that and it became an alternative sink for clothes washing.

Tin bath used by the Gale family of The Spring, Market Lavington

This item dates from around 1910 although similar items would have been made much more recently. Indeed, they may still be in production. Our bath is a small one at just 55cm  which includes the handles. Many families had a range of different baths for varied purposes.

There is an odd looking loop on the bath. It’s an added soap tray.

This bath dates from about 1910 and has a clip on soap tray

Let’s look at the soap.

Microl Soap was a CWS own brand. All these items are in the kitchen at Market Lavington Museum

Microl soap was a Co-op own-brand similar in style to Lifebuoy soap. We don’t have a date for it.

The whole set up was used by the Gale family of The Spring in Market Lavington. You can see it and many other washday artefacts in the kitchen at Market Lavington Museum.

Clyffe Hall Soap

January 5, 2011

At one time, Clyffe Hall was the home of The Honourable Louisa Hay who lived there in the second half of the nineteenth century. She employed, as her gardener, James Lye the renowned fuchsia grower.

Then in the early part of the twentieth century the hall became home to Lord and Lady Warrington.

And then, for many years it was a country hotel. Hotels everywhere have courtesy items specially produced and Clyffe Hall Hotel was no exception.

At Market Lavington Museum we have one of their tablets of soap, dating from the early 1950s, as a part of our collection.

Tablet of soap packaged for Clyffe Hall and now at Market Lavington Museum

This is one of those small, individual sized tablets. It is clearly marked.

Clyffe Hall soap - Knight's Castile

  • Knight’s Castile
  • Specially packed for Clyffe Hall Market Lavington
  • John Knight Limited
  • This soap was introduced by John Knight Limited in 1919. The original Castile soap, made from olive oil and soda originated at Castile in Spain. The John Knight company became a part of Unilever.

    Soap with the same brand name can still be purchased today.