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One mug begets another

March 13, 2012

A couple of days ago we were pleased to have a post about a Lavington Steam Fair commemorative mug. Well, one mug has produced another for us so we now have a pair. Mind you, the two mugs are not identical but they clearly come from the same stable.

This was the original with a distinctive brown colouration.

Lavington Steam Fair Mug, possibly from the 1980s and now at Market Lavington Museum

The new arrival is identical in shape and style, but has blue colouring.

Another mug joins the first at Market Lavington Museum

The Jones family of Easterton were closely involved with these rallies and it was a chance encounter between our curator and members of the family that led to this gift. The family still own their traction engine but it hasn’t been fired up for years. And if you get involved in conversation you can enjoy hearing tales of being a fireman on steam trains – mostly on the line from Salisbury up to London.

Rog, the curator says he begins to feel a ‘steam in Lavington’ display coming on. But not in 2012.

Lavington Steam Fair mug

March 10, 2012

We have recently featured plaques from John Kyte’s Garden Rallies on these pages. But at one time the local football club also ran steam rallies up on the Elisha Field and today we feature another new arrival at the museum. It’s a commemorative mug from one of these shows.

Lavington Steam Fair Mug, possibly from the 1980s and now at Market Lavington Museum

Now there’s an attractive little mug that bears the appropriate legend. This is on a plaque applied to a basic mug. No doubt a single firing in the kiln could have contained some of these mugs and many others, identical except for the plaque.

It is a mug as can be seen in this view.

Yes, the mug has a handle

We do not have a date but imagine it may have been from the 1980s. Perhaps someone who helped organise these rallies could give us a more accurate idea – and maybe there are people who have photos of these events that they could share with us.

At the Royal Oak, Easterton

July 25, 2011

The pub at Easterton is The Royal Oak. In the past, there was another known as The Cow but for many a year now, the Oak has reigned supreme.

A steam roller outside the Royal Oak, Easterton - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

The photo today shows its location and pub sign on Easterton Street at the foot of Oak Lane. It also shows a steam roller. No doubt the crew had stopped for a breather and the Easterton stream would have given them the opportunity to replenish the boiler.

Judging by the logo on the loco, it is an Aveling and Porter engine. And judging by the delivery van to the left of the pub sign we could be in the 1920s here – or possibly earlier.

Children make sure they get in the picture

Local youngsters are out in force to make sure they get included in the photo. And as usual, we’ll ask for help in identifying any of them.