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Boots as good luck charms

July 19, 2010

We probably all know that horseshoes are used as good luck charms, but in times past our own shoes, particularly those of children, were used as well.

At Market Lavington Museum we have three such shoes or boots, which were carefully placed in the roof spaces of cottages to bring good luck to the occupants.

Three child size boots - formerly good luck charms in local cottages and now at Market Lavington Museum

One of the boots is thought to be early twentieth century. This well-worn item of footwear has been patched up with part of a leather belt.

One boot was found in Easterton and is thought to date from the mid-nineteenth century.

The third of these boots dates from about 1850 and was found in a Market Lavington roof. This boot shoes the signs of many repairs.

The story goes that removal of these shoes brings bad luck to the people who move them but I am pleased to report no ill-luck to the local folk who gave these shoes to the museum. There may be many more shoes hiding away in loft spaces. Why not take a look.