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Along The Clays

May 23, 2015


The Clays is a back lane or even less than that for much of its length being a footpath. It runs parallel to Market Lavington High Street from White Street and can be followed through the Fiddington Clays area and on into Easterton.

The name signifies the underlying geology. Market Lavington has very distinct areas with different bedrocks. Salisbury Plain, which rises up from The Clays is chalk land. To the North of the village we can go up various roads to the sandstone ridge and then drift back downhill onto more clay land where the brickworks once stood.

But today we are looking along The Clays towards White Street.

The Clays, Market Lavington in about 1971

The Clays, Market Lavington in about 1971


The rather austere wall on the right is at the end of Woodland Yard, accessed from the High Street next to the butcher’s shop. Beyond that we can see the strange upstairs room on the house once owned by the Pinchen family which you can read about here.

To the left we look across allotments to the rear of Beech House which is on White Street. This photo dates from about 1971, Development along The Clays has blocked off that view now. In fact, bricks might have been delivered to the site to start the new bungalow.


Building work is about to commence which will block off the view to Beech House


Before Woodland Yard

May 7, 2013

Back in the 1960s Wordley’s, the agricultural engineers, took over the yard between the butcher’s shop and the former hardware shop. The entrance to this yard was via an archway, more or less opposite the Market Place. The combine harvesters of the day were too big for the archway and it had to go which left this view.

Before Woodland Yard, Market Lavington - probably in the 1960s

Before Woodland Yard, Market Lavington – probably in the 1960s

What we see here is a pair of Massey Harris combines (they’d have been red) lost in a scene of dereliction. Heaps of all sorts would seem to surround the harvesters. Wordley’s had a ‘work in progress’ when the photo was taken. Sadly, we don’t have a date for the picture.

The houses in the middle distance are on The Clays. The house on the left has now sprouted an extension. Those on the right are near Chapel Lane – the footpath past the fish and chip shop.

Beyond we look up Lavington Hill on Salisbury Plain. The road is visible near the top of the hill. Don’t be confused by damage to the photo which produces the effect of a sunken lane by the chimney of the houses on the right.

These days the view is entirely different. The area is Woodland Yard and a number of traders have businesses in the area.


A similar recent view of Woodland Yard