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A Tom Gye sketch map

September 19, 2015

It still feels impossible to think that we no longer have the direct wisdom of Tom Gye to draw upon. As one of the oldest residents he had such a wealth of knowledge about so many things.

But at least we have examples of writing he has done and just recently we were given a sketch map drawn by Tom which shows field names in part of the parish of Market Lavington.

Tom Gye sketch of some fields in the parish. Click it to open a larger version.

Tom Gye sketch of some fields in the parish. Click it to open a larger version.

 To locate just where this sketch covers, find Spin Hill, Ledge Hill and Kings Road, all of which exist on modern maps.

If the sketch is too small then do click on it to open an enlarged version.

There we have Selfe Lane – the footpath from Spin Hill to ‘5 Ways’. You can note a field called Dragon Ground and another is Frogmoor.

This map was sent, by Tom, to a friend and he has given it to the museum along with the accompanying letter, dated in 1989.


Letter to accompany the map

How wonderful that Tom can still provide help albeit it now has to be help from the past.

Tom Gye

July 12, 2015

It is with sadness that we report the death of Tom Gye on 10th July 2015. Tom had been in hospital for some time, but his discharge back home had just been arranged. He didn’t make it.

Tom was born in 1920. His parents were active in the local community and in business. Tom would have been better off than many children. Later Tom became head of the building and carpentry firm which was sited where Gye’s Old Yard is.

Let’s look at his life through past posts on this blog, plus some extra photos as well.

image002 Tom aged a year and a day.


Tom with his three big sisters.


An early picture of Tom, seated on the balustrade, and Peggy, on the ground, left.


Tom and friends on White Street – about 1926. Tom is in the car with his initials on the registration plate.


A family group. Tom is on the right next to wife Peggy. They married in 1940.


Tom, the young dad with his boys.


Tom with part of an old lathe which is now in the museum of rural life in Reading.


The bell ringers of 1955. Tom, always firm in his opinions, is sitting on the fence for once.


Tom at work fixing a metal tyre on a cart wheel.


The bell ringers of 1977. Tom is third from left. His son, Johnty, is on the left.


1993, with Peggy and all dressed up for a Victorian evening in the old Parish Room.


Tom in 2002


Tom and Peggy at the opening of the new Community Hall in 2007.


2010 – Tom gets an award for seventy years of bell ringing.