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April 5, 2013

If you ask older people when something happened they are inclined to say, ‘oh, I suppose it was about five years ago’.

We have certainly been told this about a rather elegant piece of topiary that used to be in front of houses on Parsonage Lane. We have seen the topiary before (click here).

The topiary did survive into the colour photo era and can be seen on this image which dates from the early 1970s.

Topiary outside number 8 Parsonage Lane, Market Lavington in the early 1970s

Topiary outside number 8 Parsonage Lane, Market Lavington in the early 1970s

There it is, outside number 8 Parsonage Lane and still looking much as it had done in the 1930s.

Up the garden path

Up the garden path

Can anyone tell us (for sure) who cut this tree into its shape, When they first did it and just when the tree was removed? We’d love to know.

Six and Eight, Parsonage Lane

September 22, 2012

Hands up if you hear six and eight and think, ‘that’s a third of a pound’. Well it was in old money and if you do think that, you may remember this wonderful bit of topiary outside these Parsonage Lane semi-detached houses. This photo, of numbers 6 and 8, Parsonage Lane, dates from about 1930.

Numbers 6 and 8, Parsonage Lane in Market Lavington in about 1930

These cottages were built after the demolition of the former parsonage. That was in 1852. The cottages carry a hallmark of Edward Pleydell Bouverie who owned the Manor at that time in the shape of the ornate chimneys.

Chimneys on the cottages in 2012

It is hard to be certain about the occupants of these houses in times past. Census data does not always give precise addresses but we think the nearer of the pair was occupied for many years by members of the Potter family. It seems likely that May Potter, later Mrs Elisha, was born there. Walter James who became a baker at what is now the Post Office may have lived in the other.

The 1964 electoral roll shows the Potter family in one of pair and the Moger family in the other.

We’d love to receive more information about these two cottages. We suspect that the topiary was originally by Edwin Potter, but local people with memories are not certain. As we said just over a month ago, we are short of good information on Parsonage Lane.

We would also like more about the 1960s in Market Lavington and Easterton. This follows two recent request which we are not well able to meet. For those people who think the 1960s were yesterday and not yet the stuff for museums, let’s just say that something like half of the population has been born since the 1960s. We are in 2012 which means 1962 was 50 years ago. Again, do get in touch if you can help.