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Florence Eldin

August 20, 2014

Florence Eldin, daughter of a butcher who held the shop which is now Dowse the butchers, has been mentioned before on this blog. Click here for that posting.

We know that Florence was born about 1893 in Cambridgeshire and moved to Market Lavington when her father took over the butchery business.

She was in her 50s when she married George O’Reilly in 1945, a marriage which lasted just three years before George died. He was quite a bit older than her.

Florence herself died in 1973 but that length of life might have seemed unlikely back in 1922.

Extract from the Market Lavington tuberculosis reporting book

Extract from the Market Lavington tuberculosis reporting book

As we can see, it was in that year she was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis.

This could explain her absence from the village in 1926. She is not on the electoral register for that year.

At Market Lavington Museum we have quite a substantial record book, kept in accordance with the Tuberculosis Regulations of 1911. Our book, we should be thankful to say, received very little use.


The Tuberculosis Book

February 18, 2013

A rather dull looking brown book which we have at Market Lavington Museum was a very official book for keeping records of tuberculosis. This was also known as consumption and was, pretty much, a killer disease.

A rather dull looking book at Market Lavington Museum

A rather dull looking book at Market Lavington Museum


It’s a tuberculosis notification book

There’s nothing very pretty about the front cover. I think you might describe it as brusque and efficient, but the publishers have made an effort with their own label.

Publisher's plate

Publisher’s plate

It is the inside information that is rather chilling – the diagnosis of TB for a patient.


A patient is named – Dorothy Thorn, living in Market Lavington

 Dorothy Thorn, the unfortunate patient, had been born in Weymouth according to the 1911 census. This sees Dorothy with her Granny, 63 year old Jane Axford, we believe in The Market Place in Market Lavington. Alternatively, she may have been Emily Thorne with parents Charles and Emily in Weymouth. Emily had been born in Market Lavington and we believe she was Emily Godden. It looks as though Dorothy was enumerated twice in 1911.

That might make up for our complete inability to find her on the 1901 census!