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Butcher’s vans

February 3, 2015

Time was when shopkeepers delivered the goods. Yes, they do it again now as though it is some wonderful new idea but back in the day before nearly everybody had a car it was entirely the norm for the butcher, the baker, the grocer, the greengrocer, the fish merchant, the ironmonger etc, all to deliver for customers. And here we see two vans which Doubleday and Francis used to deliver meat in the 1930s (and on into the 40s).

1930s butcher's vans in Market Lavington

1930s butcher’s vans in Market Lavington

These are quite handsome vans for the era – not suited to large, heavy loads but well suited to the needs of meat delivery. They are parked outside what was and still is the butcher’s shop in market Lavington.

Back in the 1960s our curator had a temporary job as a butcher’s rounds man and the van he drove (it was in Sussex) was newer than these but similar in general size.

We think the front one with the registration BWV 551 is a Morris but hopefully we’ll be told if we are wrong.

From the state of the road we can see that the horse was still much in use when this photo was taken.

We do not recognise the two men in this slightly off focus image but again, just possibly somebody might help us.