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Lavington from the Hill

April 22, 2013

It is always tempting to snap a photo of Market Lavington from Lavington Hill. It is like an aerial photo, with the village laid out before you. This example is believed to date from about 1970 – and judging by the colours it was the Autumn of that year. This would have been before the Dutch bark beetle caused havoc amongst our elm trees. The colours are very pretty.

Market Lavington from the hill in about 1970

Market Lavington from the hill in about 1970

The obvious building is the church, still there, of course and still looking much the same. To the left of the church is Grove Farmhouse, now consigned to memory. We have our wonderful Community Hall on that site now.

To the right of the church we can just make out our museum building and then the Old House. We can see the barn on Parsonage Lane and the Racquets Court. We can make out houses in Market Place with Spin Hill (the road) rising behind them.

The large white barn like building near the right was the workshop of the Wiltshire Agricultural Engineering Company. Behind that are the scattered houses on the sands.

In the foreground of the village, in front of the church is the little close of houses on Lavington Hill and between them and the church there are the houses on White Street, The Muddle and Church Street.

We like these ordinary photos at the museum – there’s nothing special going on. We just see the village as it was 40 or so years ago.

And of course, we can spot the changes since this photo was taken in about 1918.

Market Lavington from the hill in about 1918

Market Lavington from the hill in about 1918