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Lady Warrington and the Mothers’ Union

December 17, 2014

Lady Warrington was the wife of Sir Thomas Rolls (later Lord) Warrington. The couple owned Clyffe Hall in Market Lavington and lived there during the 1920s and 30s.

Just recently, our curator received a Mothers’ Union certificate in the post.

Lady Warrington joins the Mothers' Union

Lady Warrington joins the Mothers’ Union

The chain around this certificate contains the names of places in the British Empire – presumably places with Mothers’ Unions.

But of course it is the names in the middle which interest us most.

Admitted by J A Sturton who was the Vicar of Market Lavington

Admitted by J A Sturton who was the Vicar of Market Lavington

Here we see that Lady Warrington was the enrolling member and was admitted by J A Sturton who was the Vicar of Market Lavington which was and is in Salisbury Diocese.

There is some hand written information on the back of the certificate – notably the year in question.

Lady Warrington rejoined in 1925

Lady Warrington rejoined in 1925

So Lady Warrington renewed her membership in 1925.

Now Lady Warrington, it seems had agreed to the following clause. (Or maybe not as she didn’t sign the certificate.)

One paragraph on the certificate

One paragraph on the certificate

We were not aware that she had any children and certainly when Thomas, Lord Warrington, her husband died he had no heirs to pass the title to and it was extinguished.

The certificate was sent by Linda who told us the following.


We discovered this in a drawer of a Victorian chest that my father bought in an auction in, I believe, Devizes over 30 years ago. Since it is in connection with an old local family, I thought it might be of interest to your museum. I also thought it rather unusual.

Yes, we are certainly interested. We think it is a fascinating item and we rather hope it might lead to yet more information coming our way about the Warringtons.

We’d assume the Victorian chest had been an item of furniture at Clyffe Hall and we think it would have been sold off before the house and grounds were sold off in 1938.

Lady Warrington moved away from Market Lavington after the 1937 death of her husband and died in Berkshire in 1948.

Lord Warrington relaxes

November 3, 2014

Lord Warrington of Clyffe (previously Sir Thomas Rolls Warrington, a High Court Judge) took his retirement at his Market Lavington home of Clyffe Hall. He was a man of sharp intellect but as he aged his body began to let him down and in this recently given photo we see the noble Lord resting in a wheel chair.

Lord Warrington of Clyffe relaxes at Clyffe Hall

Lord Warrington of Clyffe relaxes at Clyffe Hall

He’s sitting surrounded with the paraphernalia of afternoon tea. No doubt the dog hopes to share in this. He seems to have selected a shady spot on the lower lawn. Clyffe Hall itself seems to be bathed in sunshine. We guess this was in the 1930s. Thomas, Lord Warrington died in 1937 aged around 86.

A noticeable fact in the photo is that Thomas’s raised leg has a built up shoe. Was this an old age feature or had he always had legs of slightly different length?

We’d like to thank Ian in Australia for sending us these photos.