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Beatrice Bolter Married.

May 21, 2015

This blog post has been sparked off by a brief message in Ben Hayward’s wonderful record of his life. We have an electronic copy of this. Ben lived at Kestrels in Easterton for the second half of the nineteenth century and recorded village events, his farming program and, often, what bird life he saw. Here’s our extract – one line from 122 pages.

Beatrice Bolter married - an extract from Ben Hayward's note book. Click to enlarge

Beatrice Bolter married – an extract from Ben Hayward’s note book.
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This gives us one simple fact – Beatrice Bolter married on August 28th 1878.

But it begs many questions such as:

Who was Beatrice Bolter?
Where did she live?
Who did she marry?
Where did they live?

Well Ben has given us something to start with – a marriage date and a name and we can quickly discover – and no surprise about it – that Beatrice’s marriage was recorded in the Devizes district. With the odd way in which marriages are recorded we have two possible spouses William Kyte or Joseph Webb. If we purchased a marriage certificate that would tell us which one it was, but we won’t do that – a real waste of museum money. Instead we’ll find out using censuses.

The first census we used is from well before the marriage, but it seemed a fair bet that a lass who married in 1878 was around for the 1861 census and we can find Beatrice on that census on High Street, Market Lavington with an age of 3 years so born about 1858. Her father was a grocer – a shopkeeper.

We can use that information to trace Beatrice on censuses after she was married. We searched the 1891 census for anyone called Beatrice born in Market Lavington in 1858 plus or minus a year. We find a Beatrice Webb married to Joseph so the ‘which of the two marriage riddle’ is solved. She married Joseph Webb. By 1891 the Webb family lived in Brentford in West London and Bromham (in Wiltshire) born Joseph was a carpenter and joiner. No doubt that was a trade much needed in rapidly expanding London. The Webbs had probably lived in that part of the world for all of their married life for the eldest of their five children, also called Beatrice was 11 and born in Hounslow.

Twice before we have tried to find further information about a Webb family in Easterton. These probably are not related but do get in touch if you can tell us anything further.

The Webb Family

September 5, 2014

Some four years ago we wrote about the Webb family and you can click here to read that post. We are still seeking more information.

Today we will show a couple of certificates as we examine that family again. (click on pictures to see a readable sized version)

Thomas Webb's birth certificate

Thomas Webb’s birth certificate

We can see that Thomas Richard Webb was born on 28th May 1846. His father was called John and he was a bricklayer. His mother was Mary – formerly a Miss Merrett. When Mary registered the birth she gave her address as Market Lavington.

We can see from the 1851 census that the family lived on Church Street in Market Lavington and can see that the whole family were born in our parish.

Thomas Richard grew up and married on 13th May 1869.

Thomas Webb marriage certificate

Thomas Webb marriage certificate

The first thing we note is that the marriage was at the Registrar’s Office in Devizes from which we guess that the family were not church goers. Thomas Richard Webb had followed his father into the bricklaying business and still lived in Market Lavington. His bride was Ann Kite of West Lavington. Her father, John, was a labourer.

A child was soon born to this marriage.

The birth of Thomas Webb's first child

The birth of Thomas Webb’s first child

Richard was born almost a year after the wedding on 1st May 1870.

The family can be found on the 1871 census, still living on Church Street in Market Lavington.

More children were born in Market Lavington but in about 1879 the family moved up to the London area where, no doubt, Thomas was able to make a good living.

One of these children was Edith Webb, born about 1873. She obviously moved up to London with the family but when she retired she returned to Wiltshire. She had married but we have not traced her marriage. Our correspondent sent us this photo of her house as he remembered it in the 1950s, with thatched roof, outside loo and a well. He tells us the cottage was in Easterton.

Retirement home of Edith, daughter of Thomas Webb.

Retirement home of Edith, daughter of Thomas Webb.

Can anybody identify just where this cottage was?