Easterton Village Sign

Back in 1974 local government was reorganised and after 80 years of existence the old Devizes Rural District became a thing of the past. It joined forces with quite a wide swathe of Wiltshire to become Kennet.

People must have thought the end of the old council – D.R.D.C – was worth recording for this sign was clearly made for Easterton. Thirty-six years after the event it has come to light in the old cemetery chapel, on Drove Lane and it has been given to the museum.

Easterton sign to mark the end of Devizes Rural District Council in 1974

Can anyone tell the museum, where it was located when on display in Easterton? If so, do contact the curator.

Stories have a habit of repeating themselves. Back in 1974, Devizes Rural District council was deemed to be too small and was replaced by Kennet Council. Kennet has now been swept aside in favour of a unitary Wiltshire Council. Perhaps, soon, we’ll be able to preserve a piece of local ‘Kennet’ memorabilia.


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