Possible Saxon pot shards.

The garden of number 13 High Street in Market Lavington has proved a rich source of pot shards for the owner. It seems that in the past the back garden contained other dwellings, which have been demolished. Of course, we have no knowledge of what was actually there before written records were made, and little writing was done before the nineteenth century or even the 17th century when the existing buildings were new.. The evidence from the pot finds could suggest dwellings were there much earlier. The earliest finds so far have been these pieces which have been dated as late Saxon or early Norman – 10th to 12th century.

10th to 12th century pottery shards found in Market Lavington and now at Market Lavington Museum

Could these finds suggest that the Saxon area of Market Lavington extended off the known, Grove Farm area and that 1000 years ago our forebears lived in parts of the present village.

Market Lavington Museum is delighted to have these indications of long ago life amongst its collection of artefacts.


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