A Victorian Hand Warmer

These days we are accustomed to well heated houses and public buildings and we get from place to place in cars with efficient systems to keep us at a good temperature. It wasn’t always so and in times past all sorts of little individual heaters were used. Today we look at a hand warmer in Market Lavington museum.

This device was made by a company called Instra. In use, a fuel, probably compressed charcoal, was burned and it was claimed one charge could give three to four hours of warm hands.

It dates from Victorian times and might have been owned by richer people. It may even have been felt to have medical uses.

The basic structure is of a base metal with a silvery appearance. As shown in the images below.

A Victorian hand warmer at Market Lavington Museum

The lid on the hand warmer

Inscriptions on the side of the hand warmer

For much more information visit http://thequackdoctor.com/index.php/the-instra-warmer/


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