Flo Burbidge’s Purse

It is always good to feature Flo Burbidge in this blog. Flo was the daughter of Alf and Louisa and she was born in our museum building back in 1908 and she spent her childhood and young adulthood there. Flo married Albert Shore in the spring of 1940. The couple continued to live in Market Lavington and Flo was a highly honoured guest when the museum opened in 1985. Flo died in 1994 and is commemorated on a small stone in the churchyard, close by the gate into the museum – her former home.

But today we look at an item from her childhood – a small purse dating from about 1910.

Flo Burbidge's purse from about 1910 - an item at Market Lavington Museum

This little woven purse is not in good order. It has lost many of its turquoise coloured  beads and its chain is missing. Never mind, for it is as it was, 100 years ago, when Flo played with it in the very location in which it is now displayed.

The display label explains that Flo was born and raised in the museum building

The label mentions the coins in the purse, and yes, we have them too.

Old coins from Flo Burbidge's purse

These coins would have been deemed as old when Flo played with them.

At the museum, we love the way these simple items can connect with the past.

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