William Saunders

William Saunders was born in West Lavington in about 1853.

We find him as a youngster, in 1861, with his parents, Henry and Sarah on White Street in West Lavington. They were still there in 1871.

Henry, was the son of John Saunders. John’s father David, was known as ‘The Pious Shepherd of Salisbury Plain’.  A book was written about him.

William married Hannah Blagden of Market Lavington in 1876 and the couple appear to have made Market Lavington their home.

In 1881 William and Hannah and their son (4 year old William) and Hannah’s mother, Martha, lived at Broadwell Cottage, White Street, Market Lavington. William was a labourer.

In 1891 the Saunders, joined by a daughter – 8 year old Martha – were living on New Street, also known as The Muddle. William was a labourer.

In 1901 the same four lived on Church Street. Both Williams were described as ‘Gardener – not domestic’.

By 1911, young William had left home. The other three lived in a 4 roomed cottage on Church Street, Market Lavington. This census is sometimes called ‘The Fertility Census’. It tells us that William and Hannah had produced two children in their 36 years of marriage and both were still alive. For the record, young William and his wife and family also lived on Church Street.

Our photo shows William Saunders and describes him as a groom at Clyffe Hall.

William Saunders – groom at Clyffe Hall, Market Lavington

Hannah Saunders died in 1923

William was still on Church Street on the 1926 electoral roll.

He died in 1933, joining his wife in Market Lavington churchyard.

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2 Responses to “William Saunders”

  1. Maurice Wilkins Says:

    David Saunders was my great-great-great-great-great grandfather, through his daughter Sarah, her daughter Hannah, her daughter Ann and her husband Aaron Phipp. Their son William Phipps was my great-grandfather. There must be a great number of descendants of the Shepherd!

    I was interested to read above that William Saunders was son of Henry Saunders who was the son of John Saunders, son of the Shepherd. In my version of the family tree, I have John Saunders as David’s first child, born on the 7th June 1760. We were originally supposed to have descended from him until I recently discovered that Sarah, born on13th February 1769, was our ancestor. She married Jonathan Chapman on 20th October 1792.

    My researches suggest that the aforementioned John Saunders was a soldier who died in the West Indies in 1794 – I can find no information regarding wife or children. Can you confirm please the identity of the John Saunders who you say was the grandfather of the above William Saunders?

    Many thanks,

    Maurice Wilkins.

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