A W James bill head

Walter James was a baker in Market Lavington who also sold groceries. He took over the business from the Sumner family having been employed by Mrs Sumner first. The bill head gives us a clue as to eras for it was pre-printed with most of the year. We are looking at the 1910s. His premises were at Number One, High Street – where the Post Office is today.

Walter James bill head from 1912

Walter James bill head from 1912

This bill was for July 1912 and once again we realise that shop keepers had to carry risk and allow credit to customers. Walter clearly had a customer here on a monthly account who would settle up as and when. Sadly the items written on this one have faded, but we can clearly see that the bottom number is a ten – in the shillings column. Ten bob, or 50p as we call it today, sounds like next to nothing. In terms of Walter’s income, it is equivalent to some £200 today. So actually, it was a significant amount of money.

The bill heads for Mr James were provided by an advertiser, in this case Home and Colonial Tea which we are told was ‘The tea which everyone should drink’.


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