A view from 10 Parsonage Lane

The photo we see today was taken by former Market Lavington resident, John Brooke. John lived at 10 Parsonage Lane also known by its original purpose as the Racquets Court.

It’s a tall building and offers something of a bird’s eye view over part of the village. The photo dates from the 1960s.

A view from Number 10, Parsonage Lane in the 1960s

A view from Number 10, Parsonage Lane in the 1960s

We are looking along Parsonage Lane, over the crossroads and then up onto Lavington Hill.

You may wonder why Parsonage Lane is so called. The answer is that the Parsonage used to occupy the space where numbers 6 and 8 now stand. For reasons not known, but the subject of many rumours, the Pleydell Bouverie family decided to demolish the old Parsonage and replace it with the pair of semi-detached houses seen in this photo. The rather Tudor style chimneys on these 19th century homes is a good local sign to indicate ‘built by the Manor folk – the Pleydell Bouveries’.

The lovely piece of topiary had originally been the work of Edwin Potter. We note that in this high summer picture it casts a deep shadow on the next door house. These days the topiary has grown out but the same tree or a replacement will still cast those shadows. Both gardens look beautifully maintained.

Further down and on the right side of the photo we see the thatched cottage. That’s still retains its thatched roof.

Looking along Parsoange Lane

Looking along Parsoange Lane

Beyond we can see parts of White Street and up onto Lavington Hill.

Now that’s a quality colour photo for the time it was taken.



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