Henry Hooper’s bill for booze

On the face of it, you could be tempted to say that Henry Hooper was a big time toper. The amount of ale got through looks to be enormous on this bill.

Henry Hooper received this bill for drink in 1915

Henry Hooper received this bill for drink in 1915

The ale was supplied by James Neate – in business in Market Lavington since 1852. This bill was delivered to Henry Hooper in 1915. If we have added it up correctly, Henry received 180 gallons of ale in a four month period – plus a case of whiskey.

Interesting to note that the tax cost was a third or more of the price 100 years ago. Of course, the Great War was in full swing at the time and no doubt money was needed from all sources.

The truth is that Henry Hooper was a farmer and employer of men in West Lavington. No doubt much of the ale was for the men.

Henry had been born in Imber in about 1870. His father had farmed there but Henry had set up in West Lavington. On the 1911 census he gave his address as Hunts House in West Lavington.

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5 Responses to “Henry Hooper’s bill for booze”

  1. John Young Says:

    During the 1950’s I lived at Cornbury Farm Cottages, Cornbury Farm, West Lavington (we were about a mile and a half from Imber) which was farmed I believe by Mr Hooper’s son (Bob I think) who for some reason also lived at Hunts House rather than Cornbury Farmhouse which was rented out to a family called Piper.

    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      The Hoopers (I believe) still farm at Cornbury. Before some reorganisation of parish boundary quirks Cornbury was in Market Lavington parish. Gore, which included Cornbury, was an ‘exclave’ completely surrounded by West Lavington

  2. John Young Says:

    Just a further thought. I recall my father saying that Henry Hooper bought Hunts House as he didn’t want to live in Cornbury Farmhouse because the farm had been compulsorily purchased by the War Department and he objected to having to pay rent for a house that had been taken from him.

  3. John Young Says:

    Sadly my father died back in 2012. He would have had more information as he taught one of Bob (I think) Hooper’s sons at Dauntseys in the 1950’s and I would presume that the latter may well have carried on with the farming. Bob’s wife’s name was (again I think) Doris and she may still be living. This was all a long time ago and my memory isn’t always accurate!

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