A cotton day dress – 1900s

We have already seen the high chair at Market Lavington Museum. (See Mary and the high chair.) We have quite a large collection of clothes for small children dating from about a hundred years ago and we try to dress our dolls in different outfits each year.

We know that Florrie Burbidge was born, in 1908, in the house that is now our museum and that she used to sit in ‘our’ high chair so, this year, we have found clothes that date from about the time that Florrie was a toddler.

This cotton day dress did not belong to Flo. It was made by Mary Ann Gye, the grandmother of Tom, husband of our museum founder, Peggy. But it is of the right sort of vintage, being made in the 1900s.

A closer look shows the lovely detail that featured in the sewing of this garment.

It fastens at the back of the neck with three little buttons, held in place by tiny hand made loops.

We will take another look at this doll’s outfit next time.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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