A 1973 building application map

In our previous blog post we were reminded that, before the surgery moved into the Workman’s Hall/Scouts’ building in 1981, it had been in a caravan.

Going back to 1973, an application was made for permission to site the doctor’s caravan in a car park and we have the map used for this in our museum collection.

We see that it was approved in June 1973. The map shows the site of the caravan placement, marked in red.

It is always interesting to look at old maps of familiar places, allowing us to spot the differences from the current situation. This application was made almost fifty years ago and many things have changed in that half century.

Over on the left (west) we see Grove Farm, with the farmhouse roughly where the Community Hall now stands. The many fields to the north and west of it are now covered with the roads and homes of the Grove Farm housing estate.

More centrally, we see that Bouverie Drive has been built but that the vicarage and the old wood clad parish room are marked on the map. This area is now the nursing home.

We have a large collection of maps of the area in our collection. Many of these are in the map chest upstairs. If you are able to visit the museum, do ask our volunteer stewards if you would like to look at any of the maps.

Can you add anything to this or do you want to know more?

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