People’s Friend and Woman’s Weekly

In our blog entry, Haberdashery, we looked at a sewing box from the early 20th century. We have opened the box and spread out its contents to make a display for 2023 in one of our museum cabinets.

In amongst the many needleworker’s requisites, such as Needle cases and Queens – needles, hooks and eyes, we found two items which were, presumably, given away with women’s magazines.

There was a pack of needles, including a bodkin and a needle threader. This came courtesy of Woman’s Weekly.

Woman’s Weekly magazine started up in 1911. It was, apparently, aimed at supporting housewives in homes with no servants.

The People’s Friend was founded in 1869. This magazine provided our sewing box owner with a needle threader and a tool for sharpening scissors.

These are just a couple of the many sewing bits and bobs, surrounding the wooden box in our display.


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