Slipwell wallpaper paste

Amongst our items from the King family’s painting and decorating, which spanned four generations in Market Lavington, we have an unused packet of wallpaper paste.

We do not know how old it is, but it presumably predates the closure of the firm in 1968. The manufacturers were Kirkwood, Craig & Co. Ltd, of London E 12.

A little internet research informs us that this firm was in business in 1922 and in the mid 1950s. At some point they became incorporated into Unilever.

We don’t know which of the King’s brushes were used for wallpapering, maybe this conical one.


2 Responses to “Slipwell wallpaper paste”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Hi there. Fascinating history. The two flat brushes are the ones used to smoothe out air bubbles for wallpaper hanging. Nowadays, they are broader.

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