A dinner treat for the Congregational men

Here we have a photo of a group of men from the Congregational Church sitting down to a meal together.

Diner treat for Congregational men in about 1965-70

Dinner treat for Congregational men in about 1965-70

We think the photo dates to between 1963 and 1972 and we believe that the location is The Manse.

The men were clearly being looked after by four waitresses.

It looks as though the photo was taken just before the chaps started tucking in to their starters. It looks as though they had a choice – typical of the period – of grapefruit or prawn cocktail.

We know who some of the men are and we’ll start with the chap nearest us on the left and work round clockwise.

Harry Hobbs
Not Known
Bill Askey
Not Known
Dave Burt
Pastor Bertram Powner
Dickie Burt
V Sainsbury
Not Known
Not Known
Not Known
Not Known

We do not have any names for the women.

Do let us know if you can name any of the people or can tell us the occasion.

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8 Responses to “A dinner treat for the Congregational men”

  1. John Buckland Says:

    Harry Hobbs, ?, Bill Askey, from easterton sands, a county court bailiff, Dave Burt, Powner, Dickie Burt (David’s father) Terry Saintsbury, Jack Chapman, Charlie Burt(Terry’s father in law), ?, Harry King. The second lady was Ada Burt, Charlie’s wife next to her was Bella Burt, Dickie’s wife and David’s mother.

  2. John Buckland Says:

    The chap next to Bill Askey was a county court bailiff from Easterton sands , not Bill.

  3. John Buckland Says:

    Terry was Ada & Charlie’s son in law.

  4. Jim Spencer Says:

    Terry used to work for Bill Perry at the bottom of Lavington Hill where Reids are now. They could mend, weld and repair anything used on the farm and fabricate nearly anything you required. Bill was also a special constable.
    Terry had a lovely fordson high major tractor that he drove everywhere, even Devizes. Used as his road vehicle.

  5. Jim Spencer Says:

    Pat and I think the person between Harry King and Charlie Burt on the right is Jack Hill who had the shop opposite the co-op up the steps now belonging to Tsangs takeaway.

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