Lavington Gasworks Again

Just a couple of days ago we showed a picture of a Lavington Gas Works stop cock. A search through our photo archive revealed a super picture of the ‘Lighthouse’ – the place where Hopkins Brothers made their acetylene gas for sale to the village.

"The Lighthouse" on Church Street - where Hopkins brothers made acetylene - a photo at Market Lavington Museum

 This is a part of the terrace between what is now The Rectory and what was The Volunteer Arms on the corner with Parsonage Lane. The entrance with the hefty iron girder over it is no longer there.

The sign over the Lighthouse door

The sign over the door clearly says ‘GAS ENGINEERS’ and may well say ACETYLENE in front of that.

The vehicle parked outside the works is a business vehicle.

The gas works business vehicle? And is that a Mr Hopkins?

The vehicle is captioned ‘Lavington Acetylene Gas Works. We do not know who the man is but one guesses he’s a member of the Hopkins family.

If you can help us to identify this man, or the vehicle, or can tell any tales of the gas supply in Lavington then please contact the curator.

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3 Responses to “Lavington Gasworks Again”

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    […] Of particular interest is that acetylene gas is laid on for lighting. We have looked at the Lavington gas works before on this site. Click here to see it. […]

  2. The Millennium in Market Lavington « Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] empire and was used for the production of acetylene gas. It was known as the ‘Lighthouse’. Click here to see it in that […]

  3. Edwardian Church Street « Market Lavington Museum Says:

    […] Here, on the left of the main photo we are looking at buildings which were, for a while, the premises of the Lavington gas Works. It was here that acetylene was produced and distributed around the village. You can see more of this company here and here. […]

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