A receipt from Harry Hobbs

Time was when there were at least four grocers/general stores in Market Lavington. One of them belonged to Harry Hobbs. His shop was almost immediately opposite the Green Dragon.

Today we look at a receipted bill issued by Harry in 1939.

A 1939 bill issued by Harry Hobbs of The Stores, Market Lavington

A 1939 bill issued by Harry Hobbs of The Stores, Market Lavington

Perhaps Mrs Drury was getting in a little luxury to celebrate the New Year for she purchased a box of chocolates on December 30th 1939. The price was three shillings which is 15p in current money. But something that cost those three shillings then would now cost about £8.30 so this was no cheap box. It may, of course, have been the last luxury for some time since World War II had started. Rationing of many products began in January 1940.

The bill sheet is lovely. Retailers usually were supplied with their bill sheets cheaply because they carried advertising and this one is for a still popular brand of tea. An elegant young lady is seen stirring her tea in an equally elegant cup and saucer. Typhoo seemed able to tell Harry Hobbs’ customers that their tea was recommended by doctors

What a lovely reminder of times past in our community.


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